Oleander Putter

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Historically in golf putting there have been two basic choices – plastic insert face and metal/alloy steel, aluminum golf putters

…most of the putters with rubber grips.

Now there a third choice. A fine grain sheepskin leather grip golf putter with a piano key as the insert face. You will not believe how beautiful it feels, how smooth the contact is and how true the golf ball rolls off the face.

Know what the masters throughout history knew. Feel is so important.

The best part? 





The Oleander Putter Chosen By NBC’s Golf Channel and Chosen as Favorite New Product at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. This putter features the innovative, patented Bone Piano Face technology.



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The Sight

The Oleander Putter dramatically enhances the visual interpretation of a golf. To fully understand what is about to take place in putting, golfers want every advantage.

Note: When standing over the Oleander Putter, one of the raised 3-D break lines will line up with the roll of the putt you are visualizing. Focus on that single raised 3-D putt break line for a moment. The putt break line you have chosen will give a better visual interpretation of the roll of the putt and reinforce your decision. It will give more confidence.

Putting with the Oleander Putter will increase aim and stroke consistency.


The Feel

If you are using a plastic insert face or metal/alloy face golf putter you will want try the Oleander putter. It resonates. It’s about feel at the point of contact. A bone piano key as a putter face has a very nice soft feel that transfers to the hands and into the memory bank. Your next golf putt is a culmination of the last one hundred or one thousand putts you have taken. The transfer of sound and feel through the sheepskin leather grip upon impact into the hands, and into the golfer, creates a memory. The better and more consistent the combined memories are, the better the outcome of the golf putt.

The Specs

  • 431 Stainless Steel
  • CNC Milled Face
  • Bone Piano Key Insert Face
  • 3.5 Loft
  • 71 Lie
  • 380 Grams
  • 34″ Shaft
  • Sheepskin Leather Grip 1-1/8″ Diameter Non Tapered


Additional information

Dominant Hand

Right Hand, Left Hand


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